Warehousing on Demand: Milestone’s Fixed Storage Trailers Are Your Ultimate Storage Solution!

For years, Milestone trailers have been the go-to for companies looking to expand their storage space without the hefty price tag and inflexibility of traditional warehousing. Today, we’re excited to introduce a new service that’s tailor-made for businesses that need reliable storage options but don’t want to deal with trailer logistics.

Say hello to our new Fixed Storage Trailer Solution! It’s the fast and easy way for companies of any size to add extra warehouse space. This service is specifically designed for customers who want to avoid the hassle of picking up, moving and returning the trailer when they’re done with it. Whether you’re looking for instant floor space during peak season or a longer-term fix vs moving to a larger warehouse altogether, our trailers provide a secure, stationary storage solution that can drastically reduce your costs and adapt to your company’s evolving needs.

Designed for convenience and security

No trucking experience? No problem!

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with transporting large trailers. We manage all the logistics. We deliver and pick up the trailer for you. Need it moved during your rental term? We’ve got it covered!

Secure and safe

After delivery, we secure each trailer with a kingpin lock to deter unauthorized relocation. Unlike shipping containers that sit at ground level, our storage trailers are dock height, seamlessly extending your warehouse and facilitating easy storage, loading and unloading.

Effortless setup with immediate impact

Simple online application Starting your storage journey with Milestone couldn’t be easier. Just fill out a simple online form – no need for extensive credit checks. You can make your payments conveniently via credit card. It’s all about getting you set up quickly and without hassle. Flexible rental terms that adapt to you You can rent our Fixed Storage Trailers for as little as one month or for however long you need them. Plans change? Not a problem! Extend your rental with just a phone call or email. Flexibility is key in our service offering.

Cost savings that make a difference

No need for expensive insurance

Since our Fixed Storage Trailers will stay put at your site, there’s no requirement for costly commercial trucking insurance or automotive/property insurance. Simply add Milestone to your general liability policy and avoid the additional expenses and risks involved with taking the trailer on the road.

Cut down on warehousing costs

Our storage trailers are a financial game-changer, costing just a fraction of what you would pay for traditional warehouse space – sometimes as little as half the cost per square foot. This makes them an ideal choice for cutting overhead and reallocating those savings toward driving your business growth.

A scalable solution for any business

Perfect for any industry

Our Fixed Storage Trailer Solutions are ideal for a variety of businesses. Whether you’re a manufacturer needing more space for raw materials or finished goods ready to ship, a retailer overflowing with seasonal merchandise, or a start-up looking to instantly add floor space without signing a larger, long-term warehousing lease, our trailers are the versatile option for expanding your storage capacity without the burden of long-term commitments.

Immediate availability

Need storage quickly? We can have trailers delivered to your site in as little as one business day, thanks to our extensive nationwide network of locations. It’s storage at the speed of business.

Ready to transform your storage strategy?

Milestone’s Fixed Storage Trailers are more than just a space to store your goods – they’re a smart, strategic solution designed to enhance your operational flexibility and cut costs. Ready to take the next step? Fill out our easy online form today! There’s no commitment to submit an application, and we’re here to answer any questions you have. Let us help you expand your storage with ease and efficiency!

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