Savvy Manufacturers Are Slashing Storage Costs Overnight with This Warehousing Solution

Introducing the game-changer: Milestone’s storage trailer solutions

The struggle is real: Manufacturers vs. storage costs

In an era where the manufacturing industry is constantly facing the pressures of cost optimization and supply chain efficiency, the challenge of storing materials without inflating overhead costs has become increasingly significant. Traditional warehousing solutions, with their fixed locations and high operational costs, are proving to be less feasible for manufacturers dealing with storage shortages. The need for a more flexible and cost-effective solution is evident, and this is where Milestone’s storage trailer solutions come into play, offering a revolutionary approach to handling storage needs.

Why traditional warehousing isn’t always the answer: A professional’s perspective

Chuck Cannata, EVP-Highway at Milestone, sheds light on this pressing issue. “The struggle with ever-rising warehousing costs is a significant hurdle for manufacturers today. Finding convenient and affordable storage for raw materials, production parts, components and semi-finished products is crucial for maintaining profitability and operational fluidity. Our storage trailers are designed to offer the utmost flexibility, serving as the perfect solution for manufacturers looking to navigate the complexities of storage without the burden of traditional warehousing expenses.”


Unlocking flexibility: The core advantage of storage trailers

Milestone’s storage trailers represent a pivotal shift towards more dynamic and cost-efficient storage options, offering a generous 440 square feet and 4,050 cubic feet of storage space per trailer. The versatility of these trailers allows manufacturers to customize the amount of space they need by adding multiple units, providing a scalable solution that adapts to fluctuating inventory levels. Whether you require short-term overflow storage or a long-term warehouse extension, Milestone’s trailers offer the flexibility to meet your evolving needs.

Our storage trailers can be seamlessly integrated into your existing operations, serving as an extension of your current warehouse by backing up directly to your dock. Alternatively, they can be parked at any location of your choice for longer-term storage requirements, offering unparalleled convenience and accessibility.

When it comes to security and protection from the elements, Milestone’s trailers are designed with safety in mind. Your contents will remain safe and secure, locked within the trailer to prevent unauthorized access. For added security, Milestone can even install a kingpin lock to prevent the trailer from being moved, providing peace of mind for your valuable inventory.


Nationwide support: Your storage solution, everywhere you need it

One of the standout benefits of Milestone’s mobile storage solutions is the support of our nationwide network, ensuring manufacturers have a single point of contact for consistent and reliable storage solutions across all their facilities, regardless of location. This aspect is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple manufacturing sites spread across the country. The ability to have a unified, convenient source for all storage needs simplifies supply chain management, allowing manufacturers to focus on their core operations without being hindered by storage constraints.


How storage trailers cut costs dramatically

When compared to the skyrocketing costs of traditional warehousing, the cost savings that come with storage trailers are substantial. In fact, the rental costs of Milestone trailers are only a fraction of the costs of brick-and-mortar warehousing – in some cases, as little as half the cost per square foot. And by leveraging storage trailer solutions, manufacturers can avoid the long-term lease commitments, as well as the ongoing costs of utilities, maintenance and security associated with permanent warehouse facilities. This significant reduction in overhead costs can then be redirected towards areas of the business that drive growth and innovation.


No more delays: Milestone trailers solve storage challenges instantly

“It can take weeks or months to find and lease a traditional warehouse,” explains Eric Herchenroether, VP of Sales and Strategy for MW&S at Milestone. “But our storage trailers can be added to your existing facility in as little as one business day.”

“When you no longer need the extra storage space, our team can pick up some or all the trailers, enabling you to easily adjust your costs and storage capacity as your business needs evolve. This rapid deployment ensures that you and your customers can quickly address warehousing challenges without experiencing downtime or logistics-related delays.”


Revolutionize your manufacturing warehousing: The time is now!

As customers continue to seek solutions that enhance efficiency and reduce costs, Milestone’s storage trailers stand out as an uncompromising choice. With the backing of Milestone’s extensive national network, your business has instant access to a storage solution that not only meets their immediate needs but also supports scalable growth.


Contact us today and let our team of industry experts deliver a comprehensive warehousing and storage solution tailored to your needs!

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