Milestone Chassis Pools

The Milestone Pool of Choice offers you the right chassis at the right price – right where you need them.

At a Milestone Pool of Choice, you get all the advantages of an interoperable regional pool with the added benefit of trusted Milestone equipment and world-class service. You can be assured you’ll get the latest premium chassis at the most competitive rates. Best of all, you’ll never be forced to accept an obsolete, overpriced chassis just because of someone else’s mandate.

Take advantage of the newest, best-equipped chassis in the most accessible locations by submitting your request below. A Milestone representative will contact you to sign you up for our Pool of Choice – or help you choose our flexible, affordable chassis leasing and rental options.

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    Advantages of choosing the Milestone Pool of Choice

    With a traditional chassis pool, you never know what type of equipment you’ll have to accept. At the Milestone Pool of Choice, you can be sure you’ll find the chassis, and the people, you can trust.


    You deserve your CHOICE of chassis provider! Choose the newest and best-maintained chassis, available right where you need them.


    Milestone Pool of Choice chassis are conveniently located in or near the terminal – reducing fees and increasing utilization.


    You can be confident you’re getting premium, late-model chassis with advanced features, such as radial tires, auto-inflation, ABS and GPS.


    Milestone’s world-class service and personal attention are behind you every mile.

    Tired of worn-out chassis pool equipment?

    Milestone Pool of Choice offers the newest and best-equipped chassis on the road

    No Lube Landing Gear
    Sealed system reduces maintenance, prevents water and outside contaminants from entering the gearbox.
    ABS Brakes
    Safety system prevents wheel lock-up and enhances control, particularly in slippery or abrupt braking situations.
    10-Stud Hub-Piloted Disc Wheels
    Less complicated to maintain, fewer parts required and easier to mount – saves you time and money.
    LED Lights
    Greater visibility enhances safety; longer life reduces costs.
    Auto Inflation
    Auto tire inflation extends tire life, decreases maintenance costs and improves safety.
    GPS Tracking
    GPS technology helps improve chassis utilization, route efficiency, and drivers’ service hours.
    Radial Tires
    SmartWay-Verified Low Rolling Resistance Tubeless Radial Tires for increased safety and longer life.
    Not all features are available on all chassis. Call for availability.

    Equipment we offer

    We offer a wide range of chassis configurations that will allow you to haul single or multiple containers of virtually any size.

    Not all chassis types are available at all locations. Call for availability.

    Chassis pools are now part of our growing nationwide network!

    In addition to our nationwide network of 70+ locations, we are now a member of the Memphis Pool of Choice and coming soon to Kansas City!