Milestone Joins Memphis Pool, Unlocking the Power of Chassis Choice

At a Milestone Pool of Choice, you get the right chassis at the right price, right where it’s needed

Milestone, an innovative leader in chassis solutions, has recently teamed up with the Memphis Pool of Choice (MPOC) to provide its outstanding service and unrivaled chassis quality to one of the busiest chassis pools in the nation.

MPOC is operated by the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC), a group of 12 U.S. motor carriers. “We’re here to support the U.S. intermodal container network with efficient chassis supplies, a modernized chassis fleet, and a transparent set of economics and terms that benefit everyone,” said CEO & President Dave Manning. “With its reputation for exemplary product quality and outstanding customer service, Milestone is an ideal fit for us here at MPOC.”

A pool of choice is a better choice than traditional chassis pools

In contrast to traditional pools, where rates are often imposed, a pool of choice empowers truckers to negotiate rates based on their needs. This departure from the norm ensures that customers are no longer held captive to arbitrary pricing structures dictated by ocean freight companies. The power to strike favorable deals lies squarely in the hands of the truckers themselves.

In addition, traditional pools have grappled with issues of chassis quality, with many units showing signs of wear and age that negatively impact fleet efficiency and driver safety. A Milestone Pool of Choice disrupts this status quo by offering a fleet of meticulously maintained and modern chassis with all the latest safety features such as anti-lock brake systems, radial tires, LED lights and auto tire inflation.

The benefits of a Milestone Pool of Choice

“At a Milestone Pool of Choice, we pool our broad inventory of the newest and best-equipped chassis with other high-quality, well-equipped chassis from other top providers,” explained Doug Hoehn, President of Chassis and Containers for Milestone.

“A Milestone customer can go to a Pool of Choice, confident that any chassis they might need is conveniently located near the containers and available immediately. Perhaps best of all, our customer pays a competitive rate rather than a dictated, artificially high charge. The customer gets to choose the chassis they want, at their price,” Hoehn concluded.

Memphis – America’s distribution center

Strategically located in the central U.S. at the convergence of an extensive network of railroads and highways, Memphis is truly the freight crossroads of America. The Greater Memphis Chamber cites the advantages of its 4 Rs:

Runway: Memphis has the nation’s busiest cargo and freight airport.

Rail: Served by five Class 1 railroads, Memphis has more intermodal rail terminals than any city but Chicago.

Road: Five Interstate highways converge on Memphis, allowing trucks to reach 75% of the U.S. population within two days.

River: The Port of Memphis is the nation’s fifth-largest inland port, located 400 river miles from St. Louis and 600 river miles from New Orleans, where cargo can be transferred to an ocean liner.

Each of these humming arteries contributes to an endless flow of containers, making the Milestone Pool of Choice an indispensable hub for logistical operations.

Milestone is expanding with additional Pools of Choice

Milestone will be adding Pools of Choice in strategic shipping hubs across the country soon, building on our nationwide footprint of 70+ locations stretching coast-to-coast.

In addition to all these well-stocked locations, Milestone offers our innovative ChassisFinder online solution to locate and secure any type of chassis, anywhere, for short- or long-term use. With so many options, Milestone is the clear Chassis Choice provider.

One thing only Milestone can offer

No matter where you get your Milestone chassis or trailer, you will always receive personalized, local attention from our team of industry experts who deliver comprehensive trailer solutions and a world-class customer experience tailored to your needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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