Milestone Brings Game-Changing Chassis Choice to the Kansas City Pool!

Milestone Pool of Choice in Kansas City

Milestone’s Pool of Choice: Your Gateway to the Ideal Chassis at the Perfect Price

Experience a world where the perfect chassis is always at your fingertips – welcome to Milestone’s Pool of Choice! Milestone has just partnered with Kansas City’s bustling Pool of Choice (KPOC), bringing unparalleled chassis quality and service to one of the country’s most active chassis pools.

Operated by the North American Chassis Pool Cooperative (NACPC), which consists of 12 U.S. motor carriers, KPOC provides crucial support for the nation’s intermodal container network. “We’re very pleased to welcome Milestone into the KPOC family,” declared CEO & President Dave Manning. “Their unwavering commitment to a customer-first approach, paired with their investment in the latest and most advanced chassis aligns seamlessly with our vision. Milestone’s dedication to excellence in service and product quality makes them an ideal partner for us at KPOC.”

Why Choose a Pool of Choice?

Forget the traditional chassis pool model with its fixed rates and outdated equipment. A Pool of Choice lets you choose the chassis provider of your choice. This innovative approach allows truckers to negotiate rates tailored to their specific needs, freeing them from the constraints of one-size-fits-all pricing imposed by ocean freight companies.

Moreover, traditional pools often struggle with maintaining chassis quality, leading to fleet inefficiencies and safety concerns. Milestone’s Pool of Choice changes the game by providing access to a fleet of modern, well-maintained chassis equipped with the latest safety advancements, including anti-lock brakes, radial tires, LED lighting, and automatic tire inflation systems.

The Advantages of Milestone’s Pool of Choice

“We’re not just joining the pool – we’re joining forces with NACPC and KCCP to bring the Kansas City market an unprecedented choice among three IEPs,” explained Doug Hoehn, President of Chassis and Containers at Milestone.

“This collaboration underscores our commitment to offering customers not only the best in chassis quality and availability but also the flexibility to choose from a trio of leading equipment providers,” added Hoehn.

Kansas City: A Critical Logistical Nexus

Kansas CityWith its centralized location and strategic position on the Missouri River, Kansas City is not just a key inland port but also ranks as the nation’s second-largest rail hub and its third-largest trucking center. This makes the Milestone Pool of Choice an essential player in the logistical system that keeps cargo moving smoothly and efficiently.

Expanding the Horizon with More Pools of Choice

Building on our success, we’re adding more Pools of Choice to our network, including our Memphis location and over 70 depot sites nationwide. This expansion ensures we’re delivering the newest, most reliable chassis exactly where and when they’re needed.

And there’s more – our innovative ChassisFinder online platform makes it easy to find and reserve any type of chassis, for any duration, across the country. With Milestone, the possibilities are endless.

Milestone Chassis

Ready to join our Pool of Choice?

Choosing Milestone for your chassis needs means more than just getting top-quality equipment. It means enjoying personalized, local service from our team of industry specialists dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions and a superior customer experience. Register for the Pool of Choice nearest you today and discover the Milestone difference for yourself!

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