15-point quality inspection on every piece of equipment.

Milestone Mobile Warehousing & Storage maintains the highest protection standards through a robust 15-point quality inspection. All equipment is inspected by one of our experienced and certified inspectors prior to customer use to ensure your valuable assets are protected at all times.




Inspected for signs of leaks
Daylight checked
No jagged edges on scuff liner
No holes in plywood
Swept and cleaned out
Door function, seal and secure properly


Inspected for air leaks
Able to be secured / locked
Wind and water tight
Properly functioning electrical / lights


Structurally sound
Solid landing gear, no bends in legs or bracing
Solid floors with no holes


DOT Compliant

FMCSA: Good for 90 days at time of delivery

TIRES: DOT compliant or better (2/32nd)

BRAKES: DOT compliant or better (2/8th)

Current registration and plate on trailer

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