The Nation’s Newest Chassis Pool is Now Your Advantage

Milestone has committed to introducing brand new, premium chassis into the market. Our company’s history of customer-centric service model mirrors your business needs, allowing for the flexibility you need to drive success.

Request a Quote today or contact Kristen Cates, Chassis Sales, for more information.

At-A Glance

  • New OEM premium spec chassis
  • 20’, 40’ marine chassis, 33’ tri-axles, extendable length chassis, 20’/40’ combo chassis with spread-axle or tri-axle configurations
  • 53’ domestic chassis
  • Lease Options: Flexible leasing options designed to meet clients specific goals and objectives
    • Short-term and Long-term
    • Daily Rental pools of containers, trailers and chassis
    • Customer specific fleet logistics optimization
  • Maintenance Included
  • Self-Service (Learn more at
  • Financing