Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

What is LDW?

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is a cost-effective and simple alternative to providing the normal physical damage insurance with your trailer rental. Subscribing to the service in exchange for a pre-determined monthly fee, relieves the customer in-part of responsibility for accidental damages to a trailer. LDW enrollment:

  • Covers loss due to damage, vandalism or theft of your MTL rental or lease trailer(s).
  • Covers loss of the trailer due to specific events (such as fire, lightning, theft, explosion, flood, windstorm, hail, earthquake).
  • Does not waive the requirement of providing Liability Insurance.

Accidents can cost you valuable time and money… Let us help.

Benefits of Enrolling in MTL’s LDW Program

  • Save money by eliminating insurance premium payments and no cash outlays while settling with the insurance company on claims.
  • Save time by eliminating the need to schedule rental equipment.
  • Save more money because claims reported under LDW do not impact your claims history or insurance premiums.
  • Save more time by letting MTL handle all the paperwork and coordinate repairs.

Contact your local MTL office for information for enrollment, specific coverage/limitation information, or to file a claim.

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