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New specialty chassis save money in the long haul

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The Backstory

T.G.S. Transportation, Inc. (TGS) is a California company that offers international drayage services. Since its inception in 1985, TGS has maintained an unwavering commitment to delivering its customers’ products on-time in the safest manner possible every day. TGS distinguishes itself in a highly competitive market by delivering on this commitment every time.

The Challenge

TGS serves the Oakland and Los Angeles/Long Beach ports, and initially utilized only the ports’ pool chassis, which are older with outdated features like 2-piece, 5-spoke wheels and bias ply retread tires. This led to increased maintenance and repair costs, reliability problems and safety concerns. “We spent upwards of $50,000 a year maintaining and repairing the tires alone on the port pool chassis,” according to TGS Executive Vice President Peter Schneider. “We could not recoup this cost and the associated costs from paying idled drivers and delaying deliveries to customers.”

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