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The Real Cost of Time Wasted.

When rubber meets road, new chassis outperform refurbished.

  • Customer: SunteckTTS

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The Backstory

When you’re transporting product, particularly perishable goods, in parts of the US where road surface temperatures can reach 135 degrees, reliable equipment is paramount. Sitting on the side of the road because of a blown tire can not only blow an on-time delivery but cause a driver to miss out on a full day’s pay.
Jacksonville, Florida-based transportation company SunteckTTS, currently with 88 service locations across the country and approximately 1,600 trucks, desperately sought a solution to its use of general population pool chassis, which proved to be unreliable, unsafe and inefficient.

The Challenge

“The pool chassis are general population chassis that are not maintained in a way that ensures efficiency,” says John Phipps, Director of Agent Relations at SunteckTTS. “Especially in the Southeast, where ambient temperatures can get to 95 degrees – and road surface temperatures can get upwards of 135 degrees – with those kinds of temperatures, recapped tires will not survive.”